The scale does not tell the whole truth.


Our ultrasound body fat measurement will tell you if that 10 lb. weight loss was just 2 lbs. of fat loss and 8 lbs of muscle loss or simply 10 lbs. of pure fat. Our Indirect Calorimetry Device will tell you exactly how many calories your body burns at rest giving you a baseline to set your daily calorie intake instead of guessing. Tracking body composition and metabolic information is critical for reaching your health and wellness goals.

Stop Pinching Me!

No Caliper.png

Ouch! That tickles. Its embarrassing. Just some of the comments made by clients who have had a traditional caliper body fat skin fold test. It is a good tool in the hands of a skilled professional but unfortunately that's not usually the case. The good news is, there is a better way.


Half The Story

Unfortunately the scale only gives us half the story. It tells us how much weight is being measured but it unfortunately does not tell us our health, composition or progress in that single number. The scale is a useful tool but must but the information provided must be factored with other important information. 



Today most people calculate there Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) with a tedious formula. These formulas are based on body weight, which does not take into account the difference in metabolic activity between lean body mass and body fat. Its critical to know what your body's basic caloric needs are to start losing healthy weight.